Street Witch Online

starWelcome to the Street Witch Magic School, where you can learn the real secrets behind magic and mentalism. The effects taught in this course will amaze everyone. Even your closest friends will wonder if you’re doing real magic.

Have you ever wanted to learn magic? Not only can it take a lot of practice, but finding a magician to teach you is even harder. Online magic shops don’t care if they sell you a good product or not, and brick and mortar shops are closing down.

The Street Witch School is not just for entertainment. This course will inspire your audience and transform you into a real magician. It was created by professionals and tested on the streets.

If you are ready to take your magic to the next level, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. This school was made just for you. The course gives students the tools to thrill audiences on the streets, at paid gigs, or just for friends. It teaches some of the best material available anywhere.

Forget about sponge balls, balloon animals, and birthday parties. This course will teach you more than just sleight of hand. You’ll learn professional tricks that have maximum impact. All you need is a desire to learn, and the courage to go out and perform literally anywhere.

As magicians we create the illusion of magic, but to share the experience with others we have to believe in it ourselves. For those who do believe, this course can teach you to do real psychic readings and cast real spells. Students learn to give readings using numerology, astrology, and playing cards. Complete scripts are provided to learn each system of divination.

The book, “White’s Magic”, is all you need to join the school. It was written by the founder of the Street Witch Magic School, Corey White. You can read more about it by clicking here.